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Beth Anna and Laurie Riskin
have had a life-long friendship.
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Beth's parents, Amy and Jeffey,
owned the local store in the beautiful countryside of NW Washington
where they lived. Their store was the hub of the community.

Laurie says, "I first met Beth Anna when she was the sweet age of
5 years old and it wasn't long before she touched my heart.
We have been close, ever since.

It's been a dream of Beth's and a joy for me to share her creative work
with others to appreciate.

No matter how many times I re-read her prose or study her paintings,
I am always inspired and in awe
of her gifted talents!"


Beth has Down Syndrome, though this has never held her back from expressing herself.   Quite the contrary!

With the love and support that Beth received from her family and community friends, including her innovative teachers, art and dance instructors, and Beth's nurturing caregivers, Beth has thrived with gifted talents and insights.

In 2016, Laurie published Beth Anna's book, Uplifted Down Syndrome, a reflection of Beth's life captured from 25 years of Beth's poetry writing and her paintings.

In 2021, Laurie produced Beth's second book, Paintings of My Life, 140 color pages of Beth's poetry, prose, and paintings- a beautiful rendition of Uplifted Down with prose and paintings never seen.

Beth's bright personality, her determination, her sense of humor, and her gifts of creativity exemplify Beth Anna's loving character and spirit!
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